• How much does it cost to transport a cat from Cyprus to the UK or Europe?

  • There's a cat at my hotel, what should I feed him/her?

  • I am on holiday here and there is a group of feral cats near my hotel that I am feeding. I leave in 2 days, who can I tell so that they continue to get fed?

  • I want to help Cats in Need Cyprus, how do I become a volunteer?

  • I would like to help fundraise with Cats in Need Cyprus, how do I do that?

  • I have a heavily pregnant cat in my garden. I have dogs and am concerned that the mother and her babies will be injured by my dogs. Where can I take them?

  • I have just found a kitten that has eye problems. What do I do? I don’t have transport or money for a vet and my landlord will not let me keep it

  • I am feeding a large number of feral cats in my area. Most of them are not neutered so the numbers keep growing and I am struggling to afford the cost of their food. Is there anyone that can help me?

  • I am trying to trap a feral cat to get it neutered. Can anyone help me?

  • Several cats in our area have been found dead recently. I think they are being poisoned. What can I do?

  • Cats in Need Cyprus, A Community Interest Company (CIC). How is this different from a charity?

  • I would like to sponsor a cat, how do I do this?

  • What is TNR?

  • My cat has FIP, where do I buy medication?

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