Cost of Taking a Cat from Cyprus to the UK or Europe

The short answer is, that it can cost anywhere between €290 and €800+.

Let’s break the costs down into sections:

Preflight: €115 + €50

Vaccinations (taking approximately 4 weeks) and Passport:

  • Standard vaccination x 2: €40
  • Rabies €20
  • Microchip €15
  • Passport €10
  • Worm + flea x 2: €30

Costs may vary between the veterinary practices.

Travel box: €40-50 depending on the size of the cat

Shipping: €290 – €870

  • UK Paperwork: €35 per cat
  • UK Health certificate: €35 per cat
  • Flight to Europe: €290
  • Escorted flight to Europe: €100
  • Flight to UK €500 – €800
  • COURIER if traveling via Europe €140 per cat

Flight costs can differ depending on the number of cats traveling (it’s cheap to send more than one cat) and the location they’re flying to.

Often it’s cheaper to fly them to Belgium (Liege) and courier them to the UK via the channel tunnel. The courier then meets you at a dropoff point usually within 90 minutes from your home.

Flying directly to Heathrow is more expensive at approximately €800.

Flights for a cat going to live in Europe are considerably cheaper and an escorted flight with the cat in the hold is even more so.


Q: How old does the kitten need to be to fly?
A: 16 weeks

Q: Should we get the cat neutered before flying them to the UK?
A: Yes, vets in Cyprus are a good deal cheaper than in the UK, so save yourself some money and get it done (if it’s possible), before flying them to the UK. It cost approximately €35 for a boy and €50 for a girl depending upon the veterinary practice.

Q: Does a cat need a FELV or FIV test before travel?
A: It is not a legal requirement but some people prefer to have these tests done.

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